Dozens of lumberjacks kidnapped in Nigeria, three killed

In north-east Nigeria, about 40 lumberjacks have been kidnapped and three others killed, reports the French press agency AFP. They were taken hostage on Thursday in a forest near Gamboru, near the border with Cameroon. Presumably, the Islamic terror movement Boko Haram is behind it, which has its camps in the woods.

According to a militia leader, the lumberjacks did not return as usual on Thursday in the evening. A day later, a search was therefore decided. Deep in the forest, three lumberjacks were found, the rest are still missing.

โ€œ We think they were taken by Boko Haram,โ€ says someone from the locals to AFP. โ€œLooks like the three victims were shot to death trying to flee.โ€


The area in north-east Nigeria is known to lumberjacks as dangerous. In the area, people have been abducted more often in recent years. In November 2018, about fifty lumberjacks were kidnapped, and a while before that, in two attacks, 49 lumberjacks were killed.

Authorities warn lumberjacks not to go too deep into the woods to avoid the insurgents. But they do so anyway, says a resident to AFP, because the area closer to civilization is completely exhausted by the constant canopy of trees.