Dozens of migrants drowned at Djibouti


least 42 migrants drowned when their boat capsized between Yemen and Djibouti, reports UN Migration Organisation IOM. Among the dead are sixteen children: eight boys and eight girls.

It was about Africans who had fled the war in Yemen. It‘s not clear what the ship turned over. Fourteen sailors survived the ship’s disaster.

Overboard on high seas

Every year tens of thousands of young Africans make the crossing to Yemen, looking for work in the prosperous Gulf States, says the IOM. But corona has closed borders and the migrants are stranded in Yemen, where war has been raging for years.

Desperate to return home, according to the IOM, they fall into the hands of smugglers who sail them back to Africa for large sums on non-seaworthy vessels. It happens that migrants are thrown overboard on the high seas.

In March, according to IOM figures, 2343 migrants from Yemen arrived in Djibouti, compared with 1900 in February. Most wanted to travel to their homeland Ethiopia or Somalia.