Dozens of migrants drowned off Libyan coast

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports that at least 43 migrants have been drowned off the coast of Libya. According to the UN body, it is the first shipwreck involving migrants in the Mediterranean this year.

The boat had left yesterday morning from the West Libyan port city of Zawiyah. A few hours later, the ship capsized, after the engines had hit the rough sea.

According to the IOM, ten migrants could be saved. All those who died on board are men from West African countries, the organization writes.

Important Migrant Route

Many migrants are trying to make the crossing to Europe via Libya. According to the IOM, about 11,000 of them were discovered at sea last year and returned to Libya.

On the Mediterranean, things often go wrong on the often crowded and rickety boats or boats. The IOM estimates that as a result of this, at least 900 migrants drowned last year.