Dozens of missing, injured, and dead after collapse Miami apartment complex

The partly collapse of an inhabited apartment building north of Miami caused one dead and nine injured. Police say that up to 99 people are missing. More than thirty others have been pulled under the rubble alive.

Much of the twelve-story building succumbed in the night of Wednesday to Thursday. The missing people are residents of the building. It‘s not clear if they were home. Some apartments are from people who live there alone in winter.


of fire brigade and police officers from the wide perimeter of the US coastal town have been massively torn out to search the debris in Surfside. There are also scavenger dogs in use.

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the other side of the building, the fire brigade saved residents from balconies, among other things, with ladders.

As if a bomb was striked

The property has half collapsed on the sea side like a house of cards. It is still unknown how many people there were in the building with more than 130 apartments. These were large, rather expensive apartments where there are also some for sale.

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The building dates back to 1981, and how the building could collapse is still unclear. For Mayor Burkett, it’s another complete mystery: โ€œI can‘t describe it, it’s like a bomb hit, as if it were a building like the Third World suddenly collapse, it has become flat like a pancake, no 30 inches of debris left from each floor. โ€