Dozens of wounded after matting migrants in Cyprus

In a major fight between about 600 migrants in a refugee camp in Cyprus, at least 35 people were injured. After the night brawl, 24 people were taken to the hospital, reports the police.

What triggered the massive battle is still being investigated by the authorities. The conflict involved migrants of different nationalities. The fight took place in the crowded camp Pournara in the capital Nicosia.

During the brawl, some migrants threw stones and iron bars were used as weapons, writes the newspaper Cyprus Mail. Police put an end to the conflict.

In the

camp there are about 1500 people, while there is room for 1000 people. Almost daily, new migrants from Turkey and the Middle East arrive on the island with boats. According to the police, 19 new migrants arrived from Turkey on Tuesday morning.

โ€œ We can no longer let people in,โ€ said the Interior Minister to local media about the influx of refugees. The President of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiades, has expressed his concern on several occasions about the situation in the country and has asked for help from the European Union. According to him, more than 3.5 percent of the population on the island is migrant.