‘Dr Doolittle’ and ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ claim ‘Golden Raspber’

According to tradition, shortly before the announcement of nominees for the most prestigious film award, the organizers of the anti-prize โ€œGolden Raspberryโ€ announced their list of the worst film creations of the year. And most often there are two films on the list: โ€œDr. Doolittles Amazing Journeyโ€ with Robert Downey Jr.

and the Polish erotic drama โ€œ365 Daysโ€ . Special, Specialโ€ The โ€œhonorableโ€ award was already given by the limiters: it received 2020 as the โ€œworst calendar year in historyโ€.

And the rest of the winners will be named on April 24, the day before the award of the Oscars. The worst film โ€œ365 Daysโ€ โ€” the Polish remake of โ€œFifty Shades of Greyโ€ is so bad that not only did it get a rare 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

He was also found so sexually offensive that 95,000 people signed a petition to remove it from Netflix. Absolute Proof โ€” a documentary made by Mike Lindell and Mike Lindell, starring, talks about voting irregularities during the 2020 presidential election.

โ€œThe Amazing Journey of Dr. Doolittleโ€ โ€” the last high-budget box office bomb before the lockdown, completely incorrectly retells a classic book about a man who knows how talk to animals.

โ€œFantasy Islandโ€ is a strange attempt to scrape the old TV series De plane! De plane! and โ€œTwilight Zoneโ€, which almost no one liked. โ€œMusicโ€ is a musical comedy about an autistic teenager who learns about life under the leadership of a new guardian, received a rating of 8% on Rotten Tomatoes, and autistic people hate her.

ActorRobert Downey Jr. โ€” โ€œDr.

Doolittles Amazing Journeyโ€ Paul Hogan โ€” โ€œMagnificent Mr. Dundeeโ€ Mike Lindell โ€” Absolute ProofMichelle Morrone โ€” & laquo; 365 daysโ€ Adam Sandler โ€” โ€œHalloween Hubieโ€ Worst ActressAnn Hathaway โ€” โ€œThe Last Thing He Wantedโ€ and โ€œThe Witchesโ€ Katie Holmes โ€” โ€œDoll 2: Brahms โ€œand โ€œThe Secretโ€ by Kate Hudson โ€” โ€œMusicโ€ Lauren Lapkus โ€” โ€œThe wrong girlโ€ Anna-Maria Seklucka โ€” โ€œ365 Daysโ€ Worst Actress Second PlanGlenn Close โ€” โ€œElegy Hillbillyโ€ Lucy Hale โ€” โ€œFantasy Islandโ€ Maggie Kew โ€” โ€œFantasy Islandโ€ Kristen Wiig โ€” โ€œWonder Woman 1984” Maddie Ziegler & mdash; โ€œMusicโ€ Worst actor second PlanChevy Chase โ€” โ€œGorgeous Mr.

Dundeeโ€ Rudy Giuliani as Himself โ€” โ€œBorat 2″ Shaia Labaf โ€” โ€œKicking the Long & raquo; Arnold Schwarzenegger โ€” โ€œThe Secret of the Dragon Sealโ€ Bruce Willis โ€” โ€œBreachโ€, โ€œOrdered: Destroyโ€ and โ€œLive to Morningโ€ Worst Screen ComboMaria Bakalova and Rudy Giuliani (yes, thats really Rudy Giuliani!) โ€” โ€œBorat 2″ by Robert Downey Jr. and his utterly unconvincing โ€œWelshโ€ accent โ€”โ€œDr.

Doolittles Amazing Journeyโ€ by Harrison Ford and the Totally Fake CGI Dog โ€” โ€œAncestral Callโ€ Lauren Lapkus and David Spade โ€” โ€œThe wrong girlโ€ Adam Sandler and His Squeaky Voice โ€” โ€œHalloween Hubieโ€ Worst DirectorCharles Band โ€” all three โ€œBarbie and Kendraโ€ films Barbara Bialovas and Tomasz Mandes โ€” โ€œ365 Days & raquo; Stephen Geigan โ€” โ€œDr. Doolittles Amazing Journeyโ€ Ron Howard โ€” โ€œElegy Hillbillyโ€ Sia โ€” โ€œMusicโ€ Worst Scenario โ€œ365 Daysโ€ All three films โ€œBarbie and Kendraโ€ โ€œDr.

Doolittles Amazing Journeyโ€ โ€œFantasy Islandโ€ โ€œElegy Hillbillyโ€ Worst remake, sequel or plagiarism โ€œ365 Days & raquo; (Polish remake plagiarism of โ€œFifty Shades of Greyโ€) โ€œDr. Doolittles Amazing Journeyโ€ (remake) โ€œFantasy Islandโ€ (remake re-imagining) โ€œHalloween Hubieโ€ (remake plagiarism of โ€œErnests Frightened Fool) โ€œWonder Woman 1984″ (continued) More on Gamomania Looks like The Sims 5 emphasizes competitive Multiplayer Desktop by Stellaris met the Kickstarter target of 2,895% in one day About Dying Light 2 promise to tell next week.