Drama for Max Verstappen during GP of Tuscany

For Max Verstappen the Grand Prix of Tuscany ended in a drama. Just before the race it was already unclear on Sunday if the 22 year old driver would be able to start because of problems with his engine. Immediately after the start it went completely wrong.

Verstappen barely got away, was driven off the track and had to quit the race immediately in the first lap. “I have no power”, he shouted over the on-board radio. Heavily disillusioned, Verstappen left his car.

Initially Verstappen seemed to get away well at the start in his RB16, but soon he fell back. After that Kimi Rรคikkรถnen tapped Verstappens car with his Alfa Romeo. Rรคikkรถnen was in turn tapped by Romain Grosjaen (Haas). The Grand Prix of Tuscany was temporarily halted in lap 9 after another crash.

By the way, the first problems at Verstappen already occurred on Sunday afternoon during the warm-up lap. The engine of his car almost stopped at the test start. “Something is not right”, Verstappen then complained. Shortly before the start, the Dutchmans car was rushed through a complete overhaul by Red Bulls mechanics. Things seemed to be under control, but nothing turned out to be further from the truth.

Even last week he was unable to complete his race at the Monza circuit. Then the problems occurred later in the Italian Grand Prix. Verstappen showed himself to be very critical towards Red Bull.

New crash

The crash led to a safetycar situation. When the safety car went off the track after six laps, some drivers collapsed on top of each other on the straight at the restart. The race was then halted. Just like last week at Monza, the red flag went out. The remaining drivers sent their car into the pit lane.

In the end, after a second red flag as so often, the race was won by Lewis Hamilton, who stayed ahead of Valtteri Bottas and Alexander Albon.

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