Drama in chocolate company: 18-year-old intern died after electrocution

In the Belgian chocolate company Baronie, an 18-year-old intern died in an accident at work. The young man died on Monday afternoon by electrocution.

The dramatic occupational accident happened Monday afternoon just before 17.00 hours at Baronie in the Ondernemingenstraat in Veurne. The circumstances are still unclear. “Our services were informed just before 5 p.m.,” said Commissioner Toon Fonteyne of the Spoorkin police zone. “When we arrived at the scene, it turned out to be an electrocution.”

“ An 18-year-old young man from Koksijde who was working as an intern in the company, had been commissioned to do a job in a power station. (…) During that job, something must have gone wrong: the boy was electrocuted.” The emergency services couldnt do anything for the boy.

In shock


the police were notified and the case is under investigation.

In the chocolate company Baronie on the Ondernemingenstraat in Veurne, numerous chocolate products are made such as bars, pralines and truffles. The most famous brand is Jacques. Baronie is an international player with almost two thousand employees and has branches in the Netherlands and Germany in addition to its establishment in Veurne.

After the fatal occupational accident, many workers were in shock. The company and the police provide guidance.