Drama start turns AZ around the neck: Twente stays simple in Grolsch Veste

AZ has not surpassed a dramatic start to the match against FC Twente. The Alkmaarders were already 2-0 behind after twenty minutes of play, after strong defensive flaters. AZ did not go beyond a Jesper Karlsson hookup target, and in injury time Dimitris Limnios decided the game: 3-1.
The sad start in De Grolsch Veste marks AZs bad season start. The team of trainer Pascal Jansen was seventeenth place before the start of the game and confidence seems to be a long way at the moment. In just one minute, the home team got ahead. The AZ defence did not stand well and Michel Vlap returned the ball to Ricky van Wolfswinkel on a platter. He shoved it in control behind AZ goalkeeper Peter Vindahl Jensen.

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AZ seemed to get a bit more grip on the game, but in minute 17, Vindahl Jensen had to fish again. Daan Rock was able to move towards the AZ target after a horrific mistake by Timo Letschert. The young Twente attacker stayed calm and shot a good hit. It also marked the end of the game for Letschert, who was taken to the side by Jansen after twenty minutes of play.

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After the change, AZ got a bit more grip on the game and that resulted in a hookup hit just before the tea break. Karlsson came in well and scorched Twente keeper Lars Unnerstall with a hard brine in the short corner.
After rest, the game continued to go up and down. Twente left the ball to AZ and tried to get out dangerous on the counter himself. That succeeded sporadically, in terms of opportunities it was a lot less in the second half than in the first act. AZ tried to force some force in the final phase to get the equalizer on the scoreboard, but didn
t get dangerous for a moment. Twente got another shot at the 3-1 via substitute Manfred Ugalde, but the attacker shot right at Vindahl Jensen.
In the injury time, the 3-1 was still there. Virgil Misidjan played his immediate opponent beautifully through his legs and went well on Limnios. That shot viewed, through the inside of the pole, hit. Twente has a great Eredivision start with ten points out of six games. Ron Jans team is in sixth place. Meanwhile, the dark clouds gather above Alkmaar: AZ remains in a very disappointing seventeenth place with three points.

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