Dramatic Juventus can only be happy with a crucial away goal in Porto

Juventus managed to save the Champions League match against FC Porto only in the final phase. The team of Matthijs de Lit fell through the lower limit in Portugal, but still has a view of the quarter-finals: Os Dragões start on 9 March with a 2-1 lead to the return in Turin, partly because Juventus was surprised in the first minute before and after rest.

After sixty seconds the guests were already chasing the facts. Juventus wanted to build up from backwards, but Rodrigo Bentancur slipped the ball blind into the feet of Medih Taremi: 1-0. It turned out to be the prelude to a dramatic first half for Juventus, who also routinely had to change Giorgio Chiellini. Only just before rest, the Old Lady came close to a goal: Adrien Rabiot tried it with an acrobatic outline, but that was parked by goalkeeper Agustín Marchesín.

What a blunder in the back of Juventus! Ðÿ˜±ðÿ˜± FC Porto gets ahead of Taremi in the 2nd minute: 1-0! #veronicainside #UCL #fcpjuv pic.twitter.com/QripMZ45cb
— Veronica Inside (@veronicainside) February 17, 2021

However, the start of the second half was even more dramatic than the start of the second half. This time Porto already benefited after only twenty seconds: Moussa Marega got all the space to accept the ball in the sixteen meters and was able to move in the 2-0. The Bianconeri did not know where to look for it: Sérgio Oliveira was kept from the 3-0 by Wojciech Szczesny and Bentancur tried it out of pure despair once of 35 meters.

GOAL! A fast-paced goal of FC Porto after rest: Marega takes the 2-0 against Juventus! Ðÿ¥ #veronicainside #UCL #fcpjuv pic.twitter.com/rsjlerob5u
— Veronica Inside (@veronicainside) February 17, 2021

In the final phase, Juventuss pressure increased again. Ten minutes before time, the oh so important connection hit fell. A stride by Rabiot ended up with Federico Chiesa, who came in counter: 2-1. After this goal, a deadlock was formed: Juventus could not push through and Porto couldnt get out. Cristiano Ronaldo claimed a penalty in the extra time, but arbitrator Carlos del Cerro Grande did not go along with it. On March 9, both teams can continue again.

GOAL! Juventus does something back, Chiesa shoots in the 2-1! ðÿž¯ #veronicainside #UCL #fcpjuv pic.twitter.com/B5Y6ehgssq
— Veronica Inside (@veronicainside) February 17, 2021