Drawing shooter Kingdom of the Dead is released in early 2022

Independent studio Dirigo Games, known for adventure action films Depths of Fear: Knossos, Stowaway and Syscrusher, has announced their new project: the grim monochrome first-person shooter Kingdom of the Dead. In Kingdom of the Dead, we have to challenge Death itself and its endless armies on the East Coast of the United States, one city after another. With the whole game drawn with pen and mascara, the world feels particularly dark and old.

The game takes place in 1867. Our hero is Agent Chamberlain, a former professor and now general of the secret government organization Gatekeeper.

His guide is the exiled demon Sitis, turned into a sword by Death. Under the start of Bureau Chief Grant, this couple will challenge the King of the Dead.

Kingdom of the Dead comes out on Steam in early 2022. More on Iromania In Broken Ranks Isometric MMORPG Starts Open Testing Release Succubus Transported Gamedec Authors Discuss Opportunities and Significance of Choice.