Drawn Platformer Unbound: Worlds Apart is released on July 28

Little Romanian studio Alien Pixel has announced a release date for the hand-drawn platformer Unbound: Worlds Apart. The game will appear on RS and Nintendo Switch on July 28 and will be sold on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOOG. versions of the game for PlayStation and Xbox consoles handled by Digerati, their release dates are not yet are named.

But come out they should this year. In the meantime, the free demo version of Unbound: Worlds Apart is available on Steam and Nintendo Store.

In Unbound: Worlds Apart, our hero is the talented young magician Soli. He tries to defeat the evil that rips apart a whole sleepness of worlds.

And to do so, it moves through portals between different realities, in each of which its characteristics or properties of the world change. More on Game In GOOG gives out free role action Hellpoint Heir Heroes Heroes, the Songs of Conquest strategy moved to 2022 Xbox Games Showcase: Extended will show that did not fit within the framework of E3.