Drawn retro platformer Itorah to come out on RS this year

Publisher Assemble Entertainment has taken to help independent studio Grimbart Tales release their debut work, hand-drawn adventure action-platformer Itorah. The game will appear on Steam this year, the exact date has yet to be determined. For inspiration, Itorah‘s creators have taken the best elements of classic platformers, making it easy to learn with the game.

And to allow players to experience the same experiences as in the era of 8- and 16-bit projects, modern features are added to the game with an immersive story and smooth gameplay. the fantastic world of Naaukan, which is facing a black plague.

However, there are no ordinary people, apart from our heroine, but there are strange masked creatures instead. And she has to walk a dangerous path along the roots of the world tree to find out what happened to this world and save it.

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