Dress up supper and trick-or-treaten on GPS: thats how Halloween is celebrated

Like just about everything, Halloween is different this year. The creepy day blown over from America normally guarantees numerous dress up parties and events. Organizers who were now trying to set this up in a slim form were often tapped by safety regions because of the current Corona ban on events.

For example, amusement parks Walibi and Toverland decided to stop their traditional horror nights after criticizing the hustle and bustle that would accompany them. And although with a small group of people passing the doors according to RIVM, several safety regions recommend skipping the event:

Nevertheless, Halloween is celebrated in several places in company. At the Juvenaat Gymnasium in Bergen op Zoom, Tomas Brouwers organized a ghost tour for his schoolmates last night. In total, more than 200 pupils went by classrooms with actors playing scary scenes. Each group of 15 students had their own timeslot and walked with mouthcaps on a one-way route.

There is no question of an event in this case, says Tomas. โ€œIts a special school project that I have to complete in my exam year, part of my curriculum.โ€ In advance, he did discuss his plan with the school management. โ€œNormally you spend an hour with thirty students in a room, now ten minutes by half. And when you scream, which is already happening in a class, you scream in your mouth cap.โ€

Tomas also wanted to organize something for his fellow students. โ€œIt is increasingly difficult for us young people to do something responsibly with all closures. School is really the meeting place and so we can meet in the evening.โ€

The ghost tour that Maggie van Leeuwen and Josรฉ Polderman had set up in their hometown Zeewolde was not allowed to continue under the order of the municipality. โ€œWe had come up with a kind of drive-through,โ€ says Van Leeuwen. โ€œPeople would drive through the woods in their cars and encounter actors dressed up in scary scenes along the way.โ€

In doing so, the two, who run an activity agency, thought they had a corona-resistant solution for their annual tradition. Until the congregation pointed them to the banning of events.


Because they are big Halloween fans, they wanted to organize something for their village. They were reminded of the bear hunt that was set up at the beginning of the corona outbreak. Households could mark on an online map that they had a stuffed bear behind their window so that children could search for it in the open air. โ€œOf course, that also lends itself well to Halloween, but with pumpkins,โ€ says Polderman. โ€œSo we contacted the Facebook page holder.โ€

Not everyone is in coronatijd waiting for people to come to the door, the ladies realize. โ€œThats why this is such a good solution. People sign themselves in so you know youre welcome to trick-or-treaten.โ€

They also think thats safe. โ€œYou should not use a grabbelton with candy, but for example taping bags to your home that children can catch themselves. And the great thing is: for Sint Maarten and Saint Nicholas you can use the card again.โ€

Walking through the neighbourhood is possible, but Margriet Koeman prefers to walk on the water. She organizes suptochten in Loosdrecht and hopes for a Halloween variant tonight. Everyone then dresses up his shelf and decorates his board with lights. โ€œIts a full moon, so thats all along. It is just to see if that also applies to the wind.โ€

Her plans were actually bigger, with horror moments and a ghost ship that would sail by. โ€œBut then it would be an event. Now groups of four start every ten minutes and everyone has to leave immediately afterwards.โ€ What remains is the election of the best costume. โ€œAnd thats pretty spectacular too. Some people go all loose, beautiful to see.โ€

Thinking is something they can now also do at the Lucky discotheque in Rijssen. When the entertainment center was closed almost eight months ago, the team decided to start a restaurant in the banquet hall. But after a few months dining options were also restricted again. Because pickup is still allowed, they have now started a drive-through, this weekend completely in Halloween theme.

โ€œ You drive your car into a maze, and at every turn there can suddenly be an actor who will scare you the crapโ€, says employee Jochem Schulte. You order your food in advance and get as soon as you get through the maze.

Eight months without parties the staff is heavy, says Schulte. โ€œEspecially now, because we always celebrate Halloween big here. But also taking away food we try to make an experience now.โ€ Earlier there was an Oktoberfest theme, and there will be another Sinterklaas variant. โ€œIt is and will remain hospitality, we want to surprise people and send them home with a good feeling.โ€