Dries Roelvink infected with coronavirus

Dries Roelvink is infected with the coronavirus. After suddenly he could not smell anything, the singer turned out to have the virus among the members after a test.

โ€œ I no longer smelled the wine and then started smelling flowers and my aftershave, but smoke nothing moreโ€, says Roelvink to Private. The quick test showed Dries tested positive, his wife Honoria negative.

The two have been in home isolation for four days, because his wife is not allowed to go to work now. โ€œFortunately, I have some dumbbells at home and sometimes run around the living room for half an hour. Honoria then declares me crazy, but I can‘t sit still,โ€ says Dries.

It seems to be going well with the singer. โ€œI have no complaints at all, I do not cough and have no fever. My smell is coming back slowly. I’ll be tested again on Friday.โ€