Driessen: Ajax and Feyenoord hope for Ferd Grapperhaus or Emile Roemer

Former Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (pictured) and former SP party leader Emile Roemer are in the picture as commissioner of the interest group Eredivisie CV. It would not be bad for Ajax and Feyenoord if one of the two is appointed, says Valentijn Driessen.
Grapperhaus is a supporter of Ajax, Roemer is a fan of Feyenoord. According to Driessen, these two clubs hope to strengthen their position in the ECV. โ€œThese are the two clubs that are against the NL League (a new umbrella organization of the clubs, outside the KNVB, ed.). They are quite afraid that they will be played out. And if you put an independent chairman there, with no background at one of these two clubs…โ€, says De Cceits football chief in the Kick-Off Football Podcast.
So if Grapperhaus or Roemer is pushed forward, it would be a different story. โ€œThese two clubs, of course, earn the money in Europe, earn points in Europe. And part of the money is then relinquished to the small clubs. I can imagine that Ajax and Feyenoord are happy with one of these two as
independent chairman of the ECV.โ€