Driessen: ‘Ajax has to pay 25 million for Bergwijn, Rennes comes back’

Ajax will have to go deep into the pouch to pick up Steven Bergwijn from Tottenham Hotspur. According to Valentijn Driessen van De Cceit, the London club will not want to do business for less than 25 million euros. In addition, football director Marc Overmars does not yet have permission to make a big edition.
Ajax was fully involved in attracting Kamaldeen Sulemana, but eventually saw the Ghanaian speed devil choose Stade Rennes. Now Bergwijn has come back into the picture at Ajax. The club will have to sell a player before someone can be bought again. Possibly thats Edson รlvarez.
Stade Rennes is serious for the Mexican, but saw an eighteen million bid refused. โ€œBut Rennes comes back,โ€ says Driessen at De Oranjezomer. โ€œIf the club puts twenty million on the table, it can leave.โ€
That money can be used to buy Mountain Wine from Tottenham. The attacker seems to want to return himself. Renting doesn
t seem possible for Ajax. โ€œThe amount should be around 25 million euros. Overmars doesnt have permission to spend that without selling anyone.โ€