Driessen provides Ajax resale Berghuis: ‘Naturally Prospected’

Telegraaf journalist Valentijn Driessen has provided additional text and explanation about a possible Ajax transfer from Steven Berghuis at De Oranjezomer. This week it became clear that the Amsterdammers are working on the Feyenoord captain.
Berghuis signed a three-year Feyenoord contract in 2019, but can be raised for only four million euros. โ€œSjaak Troost (then technical director, ed.) made that deal with him, because PSV wanted him back then,โ€ said De Cceits football chef. โ€œBut, of course, Sjaak Troost should have added to that: four million abroad. Domestic: not to Ajax, not to PSV. But they forgot that a little bit.โ€
In Amsterdam, Berghuis can play in the spotlight for the 2022 World Cup and perhaps enforce a foreign transfer. โ€œThen he
s 32 and Ajax just sells him for four, five or six million,โ€ Driessen predicts. โ€œOvermars will sell him in two years time, of course, thats what he will be in prospect. Then they get two million and then he can put two million in his pocket.โ€
Berghuis is not the only outsider on the Ajax radar. FC Nordsjaelland attacker Kamaldeen Sulemana was already close to a transfer to Amsterdam last winter, but seems to be making the switch now. The Ghanaian has already traveled to Amsterdam, although Ajax has to fold the last with its business observer and is still wary of a capital powerful hijacker on the coast. Ajax explicitly explores the market, now that it sees its Brazilians fly out โ€” temporarily or permanently, Driessen knows. โ€œNeres is leaving and Antony wasnt allowed to go to the Olympics, its going now. Now theyre going to bring in Berghuis and they get that Sulemana.โ€