Driver self-propelled Uber car charged with fatal accident

A man who was behind the wheel of a self-propelled Uber on trial has been charged with death by blame in connection with an accident in the US State of Arizona in 2018, prosecutors report Tuesday. The driver was in the self-propelled car to intervene if necessary, but was unable to prevent a pedestrian from being killed.

Rafael Vasquez (46) denied on Tuesday blame for the death of victim Elaine Herzberg, who, at the time of the accident, crossed a highway in the dark with a bicycle in his hand. According to the police of the city of Tempe, Vasquez was not looking down the road at the time of the accident.

Prosecutors already concluded in March last year that Uber could not be charged with the accident. The tech company behind the well-known taxi app decided in March 2018 to stop all its trials of self-propelled cars with immediate effect as a result of the accident.