Driver severely injured after collision with train on unguarded transition

In a collision with a train in Hillegom, a motorist was seriously injured. The car was grabbed by the train at an unguarded transition.

The accident happened around 10.00 a.m. at the Frederikslaan. Because of the low sun, the driver probably did not see the warning lights, writes Omroep West. There are no barriers in front of the crossing.

The car was hit by a train travelling from Leiden to Haarlem. As a result, the car was severely damaged. The victim was released from the car by the fire brigade. He was taken to hospital.

This is not the first time that an accident has occurred on this spot. Last year, a driver was frightened when he missed the alarm bells and his car was grabbed by the train.

Last May, the Union of Driving Personnel (VVMC) advocated faster removal of unguarded level crossings on the track. The reason was the train accident at Hooghalen in Drenthe, the Netherlands, in which a train driver was killed.

Rail manager ProRail has been tackling non-secured crossings for years. According to a spokesman, these kinds of crossings require the construction of railway trees or the complete redirection of the road.

Train traffic resumed

ProRail is dependent on municipalities and private landowners for the removal of level crossings. “Accidents like this happen every few years at these kinds of level crossings. We have been advocating the removal of these crossings for some time now,” says the spokesman.

Due to the accident there were no trains between Haarlem and Leiden for several hours. Train traffic resumed shortly after noon.