Drone Strike Force renamed Sky Link

Independent studio Odisi Games decided to change everything globally. Her debut project Drone Strike Force, which has been in Steam‘s early access as of 2019, is now called Sky Link. And the game itself is being presented as the world’s fastest online shooter.

The Sky Link action really unfolds at high speeds, and we control aerial equipment to crush our opponent. And, as the action unfolds in the high-tech future, the main apple of discord becomes information.

The main mode of Sky Link will be the Upload scrum, a tactical contest for two teams by three people in each. One of the commands must download information using specific points on the map.

The second should prevent rivals from completing the download. However, it is possible to win just by beating all enemies.

During the Steam Summer Festival, the game can be bought for half price, for just 217 rubles. It still hasn‘t been announced about its release date.

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