Drones are late: who saved lava enclosed dogs on La Palma?

โ€œThe dogs are fine,โ€ was signed the A team. An anonymous group has claimed the rescue of the dogs enclosed on La Palma by lava flows via social media. But its a mystery where the animals left off.

The four-legged friends had been trapped in two concrete water basins for about two weeks. Helicopters were unable to get to them because of the protracted volcanic eruptions on the Spanish island. Thats why a major rescue operation was set up to raise the dogs one at a time by drone and bring them to safety.


For days the special rescue had been practiced and consulted with the authorities for all the necessary papers. But when everything was ready, a final reconnaissance flight was discovered last night that the water basins were empty. There was only a banner saying that the dogs are safe and the so-called A-team is responsible for it.

On social media, the anonymous rescuers spread these images – showing the Spanish-language intro of the American action series The A-Team:

Drones are used to search for traces of the dogs in the area.

According to the Spanish newspaper ABC, the owner probably took two or three dogs away. The lava around the basins would have been hard enough to run over. The last dogs were reportedly picked up by the owners friends. They would have hung up the banner as well.

The drone company behind the rescue had hoped that the footage of operation would cross the world. It was uniquely called that dogs would be rescued by drone. The company was also sponsored by an airline. Zoutberg: โ€œI spoke to a spokesperson for the drone company who said, โ€œWere just here for nothing right now.โ€

Almost two weeks ago, the first dog was spotted by drone. Next, this video with aerial images of the trapped dogs was distributed:

Cumbre Vieja volcano group continues to spew out new lava and smoke. In a month, about 10 percent of the islands population had to flee from eruptions. Over the past 24 hours, another 500 residents have had to leave their homes. In total, the number of evacuees stands at around 7500.

More than 2200 buildings have now been destroyed by eruptions. That number will increase even further in the coming time, because according to scientists, natural violence may persist for several months.