Drones knocked down above base with American troops in Iraq


least two drones have been shot out of the sky over a base with American soldiers in Iraq. That happened a few hours after a rocket was shot down at the airport of capital Baghdad. There were no casualties in the attacks, as far as we know.

Ain al-Assad military base in the western desert is attacked more frequently. The US generally holds pro-Iranian militias responsible for such shelling. Those groups want the Americans to withdraw their troops from the country. Since the beginning of the year, 39 attacks on American targets have been reported in Iraq. Its mainly about bombings on convoys. The use of drones is seen as relatively new tactics.

Western diplomats and top military personnel in Iraq complain that the attacks distract from the fight against Islamic State. That terrorist organisation is still carrying out attacks in the country, where it controlled large areas a few years ago. The United States currently has about 2,500 troops in Iraq. Other Western countries, including the Netherlands, also have military stationed there.