Dronter family for years threatened because of geographical coordinates

โ€œ We know where to find youโ€, or โ€œwell teach you a lesson.โ€ The family of Jacques Huijbregts has been receiving these kinds of threats on social media for years.

Many people who have been digitally scammed often find the coordinates 52ยฐ30 0 N, 5ยฐ45 0 E. In their search for the postal address of an internet site, because if the physical location is not known, the location of the center of the Netherlands is passed on. And thats exactly where the Huijbregts family lives.

This weekend that happened again, after the demonstration on Sunday at the Museumplein in Amsterdam. A commercial plane flew over there with the text: โ€œCold, huh? Videre!โ€

Videre.fail is a website that takes opponents of the corona measures on the grain and calls wappies. Angry protesters searched the Internet who is behind that site and came to the Haringweg in Dronten.

Jacques Huijbregts tells in this video what bizarre things he experienced in recent years.

For years, Jacques Huijbregts thought that Google was responsible for this โ€œerrorโ€. Hes been arguing for a correction all along. โ€œFor example, a location in the middle of the Markermeer. Then no one could be harassed,โ€ says Huijbregts to Omroep Flevoland.

But it wasnt that easy. Municipal politics also interfered in 2013. But Google didnt do anything. โ€œLogical,โ€ says a spokesman. โ€œGoogle has nothing to do with this.โ€

He pointed out the CIAs website in the United States. On their site The World Factbook is the location 52ยฐ30 0 N, 5ยฐ45 0 E, in other words: the Haringweg in Dronten.

Agency in America

These are rounded numbers that are seen as the centre of the Netherlands. The location itself has been taken over from an agency in America that deals with geographic data. Its National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the NGA.

If Jacques Huijbregts wants a change, its a good idea to start with the NGA. Fortunately, this authority does have contact details.

โ€œ We are now closer to where it comes from, so I have hope for a solution,โ€ says Huijbregts. โ€œThe question is whether we can reach the right people. I havent heard of it so far.โ€