Drug lord Henk R., aka Zwarte Cobra, returns to the Netherlands

The Dutch drug lord Henk R., nicknamed the Black Cobra, is back in the Netherlands after years of imprisonment in the US. His lawyer Mark Teurlings confirms reports about this from De Cceit.

โ€œ He arrived in the Netherlands this morning and immediately arrested again. He still has a sentence open from over 20 years ago. I havent been able to talk to him yet, but he will be very happy to finally be here again.โ€ Teurlings has tried for many years to get his client to the Netherlands.

R. was arrested in Spain in 2003. The American Drug Control Service DEA lured him into a trap: R. offered to mediate the smuggling of a million ecstasy pills into New York. He was extradited to the United States and was sentenced to 20 years in prison for conspiracy to smuggle drugs into the United States. He got a penalty discount.


The Public Prosecutor confirms that Henk R. arrived in the Netherlands and was immediately arrested because he still has a prison sentence. R. has 14 months to serve after a 2001 conviction for a drug case. The prosecution has made several extradition requests to the US over the past few years because of this old case.

In addition, R. is suspected of ordering a murder in 1993 of a drug trafficker and his girlfriend in Antwerp. That case was dealt with in the Passage trial, in which Dino Soerel, among others, was tried. The perpetrators have already been sentenced to life. โ€œWe are now looking at how a possible prosecution can be designed,โ€ says a spokesperson for the Public Prosecutors Office.

โ€œ I disagree with this and believe that the justice system has forfeited the right to prosecution. Henk R. was framed in the American case by a Dutchman, who was led by the Americans with the knowledge of the OM in Amsterdam,โ€ says lawyer Teurlings.

โ€œ That Dutchman provoked him. It has also been established that it was outside the rules. The Netherlands said: it will never happen again and has left it at that.โ€

Teurlings has requested a pardon for the outstanding sentence, relying on the condition of his 69-year-old client. โ€œHes medically a wreck because of how he was treated in America.โ€

Tenger posture

โ€œ R. is a veteran in the criminal environment,โ€ explains Remco Andringa, CCEIT editor Police and Justice. โ€œIn the 1990s, he was known as a large pot and hash dealer. On YouTube you can still find footage of his wedding party, where guests were jokingly wearing jackets from the American anti-drug organization DEA.โ€

His nickname Black Cobra dates from long before. In the 1970s, the Paramaribo born R. was busy with burglaries, and because of his tense posture he had the reputation of getting in anywhere. โ€œHe never lost that nickname again,โ€ said Andringa.