Drug seizures in the port of Rotterdam and Hilversum

Customs found a consignment of 600 kilos of cocaine in a container with sports shoes in the port of Rotterdam. The container came from the Dominican Republic. Between the shoes were 18 bales containing 600 parcels of cocaine.

The container was on its way to a company in Switzerland, which seems to have nothing to do with smuggling. The drugs were destroyed. Whether the police have any suspects in mind is unclear.

Hemp and hash in Hilversum

Hundreds of kilos of drugs were also found today in a building in Hilversum, but dried hemp tops and hashish.

The police tracked down the soft drugs thanks to a speeding offence. A car with two occupants was put aside. During the check the officers saw that one of the two threw a brown slice under the car. That turned out to be about 100 grams of hashish.

The police then searched the premises in Hilversum from where the suspects had left earlier. There the officers found 485 kilos of dried hemp tops and hashish in a storage room.

A total of three people were arrested in Hilversum, the two occupants of the car and a third person who was in the building. They are two men from Utrecht and a man from Made.