Druid, dice, cinematics, animations — the main thing with the new panel on Baldurs Gate III

Larian hosted the second Panel from Hell, where she shared details of Baldur‘s Gate III’s fourth major patch — in scale it surpasses the three previous combined. The key innovation will be a new class — Druid. For him, a huge number of fresh dialogues were recorded, so that when playing for the magician of nature, the narrative turned out to be at the same high level as when playing for other classes and races.

The druid has about 30 spells and skills, including the ability to transform into different animals like a furious wolf, polar bear, spider, crow, cat or badger – each form, which is still 8, allows you to solve problems in unique ways. Bear doesn‘t let pass? Then turn into a bear and talk to him in his tongue! In addition, when playing as a druid, you can use the mind fresher to transform into a mysterious Aberrant form.

Traditionally, for Larian games, different classes and races open different paths resolution of certain situations – druid will be no exception. Developers are especially advised to visit the Grove of Druids in the role of one of them.

At the exit of the patch, players will be able to create a druid of two circles – old believers from the circle of the Earth who receive bonuses to a certain type of magic, or defenders wildlife from the circle of the moon, which are much better treated with transformations. In addition to this, after installing a patch of players, a few more pleasant surprises await.

First, the new dice roll system — now the chances of getting very bad or very good results in a row have declined markedly. Also throws in dialogues and battles are fundamentally different.

Second, the studio worked to improve cinematic scenes, including on animations, perspectives, lighting, and other visual aspects. In addition, you can now join the dialogue as an animal.

Thirdly, now in the multiplayer you can watch equipment, inventory and jamming of other players. Moreover, if desired, friends can steal something from the inventory – blocking inventory from other users will be added in subsequent patches.

Fourth, you can now choose friendly and hostile characters through the interface – for example, by clicking on portraits. In addition, the team has done a lot of work on other improvements and, of course, corrected hundreds of bugs.

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