Drunk driver (19) drives into bedroom and kills two women in France

Two women died on the night of Friday to Saturday when a car drove into their bedroom. The drama happened in Gujan-Mestras, a coastal village in the French department of Gironde. The 19 year old driver of the car was drunk.

It was a little past midnight. The driver of a car lost control of the steering wheel. He hit another bench first, then a low wall and eventually bumped into the wall. It would be refurbished soon, but now collapsed by the bang. โ€œThe car just ended up on the bed behind it,โ€ says a neighbor in the French press.


There were two women aged 46 and 48 sleeping. An 11-year-old daughter, who slept in an adjacent room, was slightly injured. โ€œThe girl walked out on the street and looked for her mother. One of the neighbors has caught her.โ€ The two ladies didn‘t make it. The neighbor heard their voices and tried to keep them conscious. She kept talking and saying the emergency services were on the way. โ€œBut five minutes before the ambulance arrived, I didn’t hear anyone anymore,โ€ she says.

The young man and his 16-year-old passenger have been apprehended. Although the driver had to sober up before the arrest could be confirmed. No braking track would have been found on the street in front of the house.