Drunk teacher is not allowed to teach for three years because he took students to strip club

A British private school teacher is not allowed to teach for three years. The 55-year-old man went out on a school trip with his students and took his pupils to a strip club.

This is evident from a report by a team of researchers at Longridge Towers School in Northumberland. Richard Glenn, an IT teacher at the chic private school, supervised a group of students aged 16 to 18 during a school trip to Costa Rica in 2019.

Complaints coming in to the investigation panel showed that Glenn was dating his students, getting drunk, and taking them to a strip club.

Also, the teacher would have been aggressive towards a female colleague and threatened to kill one of his students, reports the Evening Standard. The teacher was so drunk he can‘t remember anything from the night in question.

According to the report, the students couldn’t rely on Glenn. โ€œRichard Glenn was under the influence of alcohol several times and was therefore unable to take care of his students. That while the disciples were in a land unknown to them.โ€

Glenn won‘t be able to teach for the next three years. In three years, he’ll have to apply again if he wants to go back to class.