Dua Lipa calls followers to stay at home, but goes on vacation

In April, Dua Lipa called on her followers to stay well at home during the coronacrisis, but now she is on vacation herself. Fans are displeased by the singer‘s candy trip.

Together with her friend Anwar Hadid (21) and some friends, the 25-year-old singer enjoys a holiday in Mexico.

On social media followers of the singer question the trip. โ€œYou have to stop traveling, because we’re in the middle of a pandemic,โ€ someone writes. โ€œThere‘s a lockdown, why are you on vacation?โ€ , someone else wonders.

The singer’s boyfriend was also under fire recently. Anwar said on Instagram that he โ€œabsolutely does not take the vaccine, because our bodies were created by our creator to do more than we think.โ€ After a large amount of criticism, he took the message offline.