Dubious sneaker trade son forces top woman Nike to quit

A top woman from Nike North America quit after it became known that her son resold sneakers through his own company. He had purchased 132,000 dollars (converted almost 110,000 euros) of exclusive sneakers through his mothers credit card.

Her son bought the most sought-after sneakers with the help of computer-controlled programs. He was able to do as many lottery applications as possible to be the first to get to the limited editions of certain sneakers. After that, he could resell them for a higher amount.

Ann Hebert quit immediately, theres no replacement for her yet. Nike will soon announce who will succeed her for the North American branch of the sports brand. Nike says the decision to leave was with Hebert.

Lots to buy

The exclusive versions of sneaker models are often sold out within minutes when they are on the market worldwide. Because the shoes are so wanted, a draw determines who can buy them. Those who fish behind the net and want them anyway depend on resellers. Sometimes models are sold for tens to hundreds more euros.

Son Hebert tells the financial news website Bloomberg that he didnt get any information from his mother about the exclusive sneakers when she worked for Nike. His company, West Coast Streetwear, was not directly accessible for comment.