DuBoise served 37 years for murder, but turned out to be innocent

No less than 37 years of his life Robert DuBoise (55) spent unjustly in prison. The man from American Florida was formally acquitted last Monday of the 1983 rape and murder of the then 19-year-old Barbera Grams. Dna‘s investigation revealed that he had not committed the crime and was therefore innocent.

That is what The Guardian reports. The conviction of the then 18-year-old DuBoise was based on the testimony of an informant in prison and an analysis of bite marks sustained by the victim. The convicted was initially sentenced to death, but on closer inspection this was changed to life imprisonment.

At yesterday’s hearing, it emerged that the bite marks on the victim‘s left cheek were unreliable and the informant’s testimony was incorrect. Dna also proved beyond doubt that DuBoise could not be the perpetrator. The court has let you down for 37 years, said Judge Warren. We are finally making up for this today

DuBoise was 18 years old when he was identified as the perpetrator of the rape and murder of Barbera Grams (19). As she walked home from work, Grams was killed and abused. The murder took place in Tampa, a city in the south of the United States.

I have had many obstacles in my path, DuBois responded after his acquittal. There are sincere people. It is great. I am very grateful to all of you.

Learning how to use the iPhone

On 27 August, the American was released from the Hardee Correctional, which is a state prison for men. He then stayed in a shelter for people who had been unjustly detained for a long time. There, DuBois learned, among other things, how he can come along in modern daily life. This includes, for example, explaining how to use the iPhone, but shopping at Walmart was also discussed.