Duck full trailer of new Battlefield โ€” in bad quality

For the last few weeks, various footage from the trailer of the new Battlefield have been appearing here and there. We mostly ignored them, because there was nothing really interesting there, but now the whole video is ducking โ€” albeit in poor quality. It is worth warning that the picture in the video constantly โ€œblinksโ€ – people with epilepsy should refrain from viewing.

It is assumed that this trailer is officially we will not see – it was created for internal use inside Electronic Arts, whereas at the official presentation in about a week will present another video. The new Battlefield is due to roll out before the end of the year on the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

EA for the project formed the largest team, which included not only DICE and DICE LA, but also racing specialists from the former Ghost and Criterion. The latter even had to postpone the new Need for Speed for the sake of shooter.

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