Duck gameplay Cyberpunk 2077 from 2013

A video showing the pre-alpha version of Cyberpunk 2077 from 2013 has appeared on the network! The game itself, we remind, announced 9 years ago, in 2012-m. In the video, the main character, Vi, wakes up in a spacious apartment, contacting her friend and meeting Sandra, who takes a shower. Also in the video shows the basic level of interactivity with the environment and the city, which can be observed from the balcony.

In addition, the staff of CD Projekt a few months before the release of the project created Cyber ElBuggado 2020, collecting oddities and these very bugs in Cyberpunk 2077. The video was divided into two parts.

The first one is just below, and the second, containing 18+ content almost at the very beginning, on the link. Recall, earlier this year hackers stole numerous internal data of CD Projekt, including the original codes Cyberpunk 2077, โ€œThe Witcher 3 and โ€œGwintโ€.

And recently there was information that they are actively sold in the networked. More at the Gambling Designer accused Capcom of stealing their photos for games series Resident Evil and Devil May Cry Hades received the โ€œNebula& & raquo; for the best scenario in a video game Several insiders hint at the return of Dead Space.