Duck Network Full List of Halo Infinite Weapons

After Microsoft launched the second Halo Infinite beta dedicated to multiplayer, a full list of weapons from the game was found online. As part of the beta, users are just invited to try new guns and gadgets, some of which have not been mentioned before. As a result, players managed to crack the limits of the beta by getting to the full list information and opening private matches with modifications.

Some positions among the firearms turned out to be alien guns as well, including the technology of the Predecessors. Weapons list: BR75 Battle Rifle Cindershot CQS48 Bulldog Disruptor Energy Sword Gravity Hammer Heatwave Hydra M41 SpNKr Rocket Launcher MA40 Assault Rifle Mangler MK50 Sidekick Pistol Needler Plasma Pistol Pulse Carbine Ravager S7 Sniper Rifle Sentinel Beam Shock Rifle Skewer Stalker Rifle VK78 CommandoBeta Halo Infinite will be current right through September 26 on Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC, and The game itself is scheduled for release on December 8.

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