Duck order of superhero release for “Avengers” — Spider-Man next

Dataminers discovered in the Avengers files the order of release of new superheroes, which has changed recently. Earlier, after Falconrys Eye (March 18) planned to add a Black Panther, but now Spider-Man is coming next – it will only be available for players on PlayStation. For the latter, there are already mentions of several emotions in the files.

The current order of heroes release, if fresh information is to be believed, is as follows: Falconrys Eye (March 18) Spider-Man Black Panther Female Hulk Winter Soldier Captain Marvel Warrior . It is noteworthy that officially the Black Panther was never announced.

It is assumed that the hero wanted to present in September on a special broadcast, however, against the background of the death of Chadwick Bozeman, the performer of the title role in the movie universe Marvel, the plans changed. The Black Panther still hasnt been announced, his poster from the game has long been ducked More on Gamomania In Lost Ark add Class Agent S.

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