Duhamel case: Elisabeth Guigou renounces her incest mission

Former Seal Guard Elisabeth Guigou announced Wednesday to AFP that she was renouncing chairing the independent commission on incest, after being cited among the relatives of Olivier Duhamel, accused of incestuous rape by his daughter-in-law Camille Kouchner.

โ€œThe current climate does not allow me to conduct this mission with the necessary serenity. I therefore took the decision to pass over and to renounce chairing this commission,โ€ she says in a written statement, stating that she โ€œignored all these years the gravissious facts denounced by Camille Kouchner in her bookโ€.

The Commission on Incest and Sexual Violence in Childhood was established a month ago. His work, intended to better understand and act against this scourge, was scheduled to begin in a few weeks.

โ€œI accepted (to preside over it) because this subject is close to my heartโ€ but โ€œsince Camille Kouchner‘s courageous revelations, some of the commentators thought it necessary to link me to this matter of which I am not an actress from near or far,โ€ explains Ms. Guigou.

In โ€œLa Familia grandeโ€, the daughter of former minister Bernard Kouchner reveals that his twin brother was the victim of incest by his father-in-law, political scientist Olivier Duhamel, when he was 14 years old.

These revelations triggered the initiation of a judicial investigation for โ€œrape and sexual assault by person with authority over 15 years of ageโ€.

The former Socialist Minister, whose name is not mentioned in the book, was a close to the family. Three times, she went to the holiday home for a couple formed by Olivier Duhamel and Evelyne Pisier, mother of Camille Kouchner and her twin brother, named โ€œVictorโ€ in the book.

โ€œDuring these short stays, I witnessed no gesture, behavior or mistaken images,โ€ Guigou writes again, assuring that โ€œfrom the mid-2000s,โ€ she met Olivier Duhamel โ€œonly occasionallyโ€.

In a statement, the Secretary of State for Children and Families, Adrien Taquet, took note of this decision.

โ€œCamille Kouchner’s book further speeds up an essential approach to liberating speech, a liberation that was one of the issues facing the Commission to combat sexual violence from the outset,โ€ he added.

The Government will soon announce the composition of the committee and its new chairmanship, says Mr Taquet.

By CCEiT (AFP source)