Dumfries stands up for De Ligt na Oranje-Sof: ‘Easy to Pointing to Him’

Denzel Dumfries speaks of an off-day after the elimination of the Dutch team at the European Championships. The right back sees some things went wrong, but doesnt blame Matthijs de Ligt that the Orange selection has to go home.
“This is a blow to our face, a very painful moment for us,” Dumfries starts in front of DecceIT
s camera. “We havent played our own game from the start. After the red card it gets hard. I cant put my finger on the sore spot yet. The emotions are still fresh. We have to look in the mirror and conclude it was undersized. Its hard, but reality right now. I think we had a good group stage, but today was just an off-day. Its a shame we have to go home.”
Soon after the red card of De Light, the Orange got two goals. However, Dumfries does not blame the Juventus defender. “Matthijs is a good defender who does everything it can to defend,” Dumfries says. “Its unfortunate, but we have failed to get ahead of us ourselves. Then its easy to point to Matthijs. Ill never do that. We have to look at ourselves, this should not happen.”