Dumper at busy New York concert for lightning storm

A major pop concert in Central Park in New York celebrating the impending end of the lockdown in the million-dollar city has been shut down Saturday night (local time) due to hurricane Henri. The hurricane is currently moving to the northeast of the United States and threatens to hit New York and its wider surroundings. Police have asked visitors to leave the site. The concert may continue, whether or not without an audience.

An estimated 60,000 people attended the concert on Saturday (local time). Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the concert in June as part of a โ€œHomecoming Weekโ€, which should show the world that the American city has left the pandemic behind. Earlier this week, several smaller concerts took place throughout New York.

โ€œThis is such a big dumper. So many people have worked so hard for this,โ€ says a disappointed singer-songwriter Barry Manilow to TV host CNN. โ€œIt was great until that rain came down all of a sudden. We haven‘t performed in half a year.โ€


Singers Bruce Springsteen and Paul Simon and singer Patti Smith were the main act. There were also performances by Jennifer Hudson, LL Cool J and Barry Manilow, among others.

Open to vaccinated

Most tickets to the concert were free. However, all visitors aged 12 years and older had to present a vaccination certificate. Mouth masks were only mandatory for unvaccinated children.

New York was heavily hit by the corona pandemic in early 2020. More than 33,000 people died from the effects of the virus.

Approximately 68 percent of New York’s adult residents have now been fully vaccinated against corona. Nevertheless, some 1850 new infections are reported daily in the city, an increase of 19 percent compared to two weeks ago. By means of the concert, the city wants to reiterate the importance of vaccination.


Cyclone Henri is expected on Sunday. More than 42 million residents have to take account of problems. Authorities warn of life-threatening storm surges and floods. The Blasio has called on all residents of the New York metropolis to stay indoors or use only public transport.

Henri reaches the coast at Long Island or nearby, calculations show. The state of New York has declared the state of emergency as a precaution. Furthermore, the National Guard has been mobilized so that reservists are on hand. The neighboring states of Massachusetts and Connecticut did so.