Dumper for Belgian train spotters: Orient Express takes a different route

A big downer for train spotters in Antwerp, where the world-famous Orient Express would pass by this afternoon. A train ticket is only for the richest, so an estimated hundreds of spotters were at Antwerp-Centraal station to admire the train from the outside. In vain, it turned out afterwards. Because the train took a different route at the very last minute.

The train set had to deviate for safety reasons, says a spokesperson for the Belgian railway company SNCB against the Belgian news site HLN. The risk was too high: the Orient Express would not stop or slow down at Antwerp-Centraal and the station was filled with interested parties. We understand everyone wants to see the Orient, but safety is above all else, the spokesperson says. According to HLN, hundreds of people had come to platform 23, where the train would run by at 12.57 p.m.

The train drove away from Amsterdam this afternoon, where train lovers were more lucky: the vehicle stayed at Amsterdam CS for almost two days before it left for Venice via Belgium.

Belgians in the Antwerp area could also catch a glimpse of the Orient Express:

The Orient Express is one of the most luxurious trains in Europe; for a one-way trip to Venice, travelers pay 3000 euros for the cheapest places. The train derives its status partly from Agatha Christies detective novel Murder in the Orient Express. The book was filmed four times; recently in 2017.

In 1883, the Orient Express drove for the first time and since then the route changed several times. Starting this year, the train will travel around the Netherlands annually, writes treintraveller.nl.