“Dune” leaked to network early release on HBO Max

Recently, it was revealed that Dune will air on HBO Max a day earlier, on October 21, and then it turned out that the film has already ended up on the network. The reason for the early release is the desire to synchronize screenings in movies and streaming services, but this decision may be due to a leaked picture. In the comments, many users point out that they have already managed to watch the movie illegally, which unknown people posted on the web in excellent quality.

Earlier, the media said that the fate of the sequel to Dune largely depends not on the rental, but on the viewing figures on HBO Max. How the new leak will affect this data is unclear, but hardly in a positive way.

Previously, all major novelty releases for HBO Max were also leaked to the network, but it usually happened at the same time as the official release. In many countries, including Russia, Denis Villeneuve‘s film was released much earlier, so it has already been appreciated by many, but for most viewers in the United States, the film is current novelty.

And what number of users would want to spend money to watch it when a leak occurs is an open question. So far, Dune’s fees have exceeded $129 million worldwide, with Russia amounting to nearly $21 million (1.

478 billion roubles). By the way, it has recently been revealed that Fortnite will feature items based on the universe.

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