Dune ticket presales in Russia set record

Russian audiences actively prepared for the release of Denis Villeneuves “Dune”, setting a record for pre-sales of tickets in the post-Covid Era. The day before the film starts in the country, scheduled for 16 September, presales for the tape are already over 30 million rubles. This is 1.

5 times more than Mortal Kombat and almost twice the figures of Black Widow. The most popular ticket is IMAX and other similar halls.

Activity towards traditional shows is quite moderate. According to the “Film Rental Bulletin”, such data is typical for projects with a strong fan base.

Examples include Mortal Kombat pre-sales and re-sales “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” shows, varying by 5%. But whether ordinary viewers will go to the movies is an open question.

This weekend, “Dune” will be released in 23 markets around the world, where it is projected to collect about 20 million dollars. Europe and China are expected to serve as the films main sources of revenue.

In the United States, the film will be released on October 22, both in movies and on HBO Max. Recently, there has been information in the media that the sequels fate is related to the films performance on the streaming service.

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