Dungeon of the Endless edition: Apogee to be released on mobiles March 16

In late January, Playdigious announced that it would release an updated and improved version of the Dungeon of the Endless bagel on mobile devices. And now showed a few minutes of gameplay of the edition of Apogee. The Dungeon of the Endless edition: Apogee will include the original game, which premiered in 2014, and five additions: Deep Freeze, Bookworm, Death Gamble, Rescue Team and Organic Matters.

They added ships, characters, enemies, merchants, modules and modes. For the updated version, the developers redesigned the interface and added the ability to cloud saves.

This is the first opportunity to get acquainted with the full version of the game on mobile devices, without in-game microtransactions and built-in advertising. Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee pages have already appeared in the App Store and Google Play, there you can register or place a pre-order.

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