Duo Red Bull Salzburg receives three months suspension after taking banned pill

Red Bull Salzburg, which is active in the Europa League, also has a positive doping test. The Austrian club announces that Mohamed Camara and Sekou Koita have been suspended for three months by UEFA.

The duo, like Ajax-keeper Andre Onana, took a pill, incorporating a drug on the doping list. Only because the players were prescribed the medicine from the doctor of the Malian football team during the interland period, their punishment is much lower than that of the Cameroon. The doctor responsible for the Mali national team has been suspended immediately by the Football Association.

โ€œ We are pleased that there is clarity about the penalty in this situation,โ€ says trainer Stephen Reiter. โ€œIt‘s a big blow to us anyway, this while it’s not our fault in any way.โ€

Without Camara and Koita, Salzburg has to compete in the Europa League against Villarreal at 21:00.