Duped allowance parents ‘despondent and dejected’

Duped parents in the surcharges affair wonder how long it will take them to get their lives in order. In an open letter, the ‘parent panel’ complains about the process they think is far too slow. Trouw writes about the letter and publishes it in its entirety. The parent panel was set up in 2020 by then Secretary of State Van Huffelen of Finance and provides solicited and unsolicited advice.


immediate reason for the letter is that a financial allowance for children will only be opened at the end of this year at the earliest, later than previously assumed. The parents write to be “tired, angry and exhausted”. According to them, their task is too difficult and they are “despondent, dejected and also terribly evil”.

They come up with a laundry list of complaints. But with the postponement of the allowance for the children “snaps the string and the bomb bursts,” the parents write. According to the open letter, most parents consider the recovery for their children even more important than the recovery for themselves: “This hurts, so much pain”.

“Trust destroyed time and time again”

The signatories complain that their fragile trust is being destroyed time and time again: “When does the system finally realize that it was the system that made this error, and that system cannot be part of the solution?”

The Surcharges Affair has been dragging on for years and revolves around the fact that many parents were wrongly seen as fraudsters, so they sometimes had to repay large amounts to the tax authorities they had received as a supplement for the care of their children. An interrogation committee from the House of Representatives issued a very hard report about it a year and a half ago and a short time later, the Rutte III cabinet offered his resignation as a result of the affair.