Durek Verrett wants to marry Princess Märtha Louise

Durek Verrett has already been on the verge of asking the Norwegian princess Märtha Louise to marry. He has already had the ring made and King Harald and Queen Sonja know of his intention, but the right moment has not yet occurred.

Durek asked the king couple for permission at Christmas last year, just before the suicide of Märtha Louises first husband Ari Behn became known. According to Durek, they said yes after they asked him about his career opportunities. Thats what the American shaman tells in an extensive interview with Vanity Fair. The interviewer saw the ring, but promised not to write about it. But it is unnecessary to say that it is suitable for a princess and refers to her country and family.

According to Durek, the spirits kept telling the princess about his plans and ruining the surprise, so he still hasnt asked her. The coronacrisis further frustrated the intention. In March, a few days before the Norwegian lockdown, Märtha Louise and her daughters made a lightning visit to Durek in America, after which they didnt see each other for six months. In September, he surprised her by flying through Amsterdam to Oslo for her birthday. They spent them in quarantine together.


From the interview with Durek and Märtha Louise it becomes clear that King Harald and Queen Sonja are still struggling to accept Durek. My father has always said that you have to be faithful to who you are – otherwise people will look right through you – and I think he may regret having said that a few times, said the princess.

Before Durek came on stage, my mother was worried because I hadnt had a boyfriend in three years. When I told her I did have a boyfriend and she asked who it was… Its very contradictory. Here in America, youre more open to it. In Norway, it is very controversial. To be with a shaman, thats very, extremely. Its crazy.