Dusan Tadic: ‘Dumfries called me a pusho’

Dusan Tadic was called pussy by PSV captain Denzel Dumfries in the final phase of the away game against PSV (1-1). Thats what the Serb said, who took care of the 1-1 in injury time from the penalty tip.

Several players came to me. They stepped into the field and made a hole in the ground, says Tadic. Denzel said Im a pussy and not a real leader. Then when I score, I say something back. Seems normal to me. Hes a good boy, and if he wants to talk, Ill know. Things like this happen sometimes.

Tadic and Dumfries both had to be controlled by fellow players. Tadic had offended Dumfriess mother, said Dumfries. Tadic didnt go into that.

Tadic walked to the bus from Ajax under guidance. Angry PSV supporters were waiting for the Serbian attacker outside. Tadic got something thrown at him but reached the bus without any problems. There were the police on their feet to keep an eye on the dozens of supporters.

Ajax trainer Erik ten Hag made his team a compliment for the attitude. The fact that we still make the 1-1 here says something about the character of this team. Thats what this crew has every time. Were just really hard to beat, says Ten Hag. Ajax retains a large lead at the head of the Eredivisie due to the late equalizer of Tadic.

Football technically moderate

Football technically it was a moderate match, found Ten Hag. That was mainly to do with ourselves. We started well and created opportunities. Then we went along with opportunism. We were moderately at the ball. In the middle field, we had a man left with Davy Klaassen. We made too little use of that.

For Ten Hag, the tie felt like a victory, he said. The trainer was grateful to Captain Tadic. You see how strong he is in his head. He remained extremely cool now. I sit very quietly on the couch when he takes a penalty kick and I am almost sure it will be a goal.

Ten Hag said about Tadics disturbance with Dumfries. That emotion is also in his character. At the right times, hes cold-blooded. He knows how to use his emotions at the right moments. He was provoked to the bone. Dusan knows the border and knows how far he can go. Hes a real winner.

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