Dustwind, the ideological heiress of Fallout Tactics, will be released on consoles

Studio Dustwind and publishing house Z-Software announced that Dustwinds post-apocalyptic tactics will come out on consoles subtitled The Last Resort. It will appear on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 with all the previously released updates and taking into account the features of management. The RS game appeared in 2018 and collected mainly positive reviews.

Players compare it to Fallout Tactics, but the original project is designed for cooperative passage. And the version of The Last Resort develops primarily the mode of single player game.

The action of Dustwind takes place after the apocalypse, and during 16 story missions we learn the story of an unnamed heroine suffering amnesia. Since she and her associates constantly have to act in conditions of superior strength of enemies, the main focus is on tactics and secretive approach.

Authors Dustwind โ€” The Last Resort is not yet called the timing of the release of the console version, but it is due to appear in summer 2021. More on Gamomania Strategic life simulator Siege Survival is released on May 18 on PC Step-by-turn role-playing game Nadir took out on the Kickstarter Award CD Projekt: 28 million dollars to management, & nbsp; 29.

8 million โ€” 865 employees.