Dutch athletics titles for Comenentia, Florant and Vetter

On the first day of the Dutch Athletics Championships in Utrecht, the medals were distributed on most technical parts. Anouk Vetter won the long jump and Denzel Comenentia became Dutch Champion Kogelslingeren.

<27-year-old Vetter prolonged her national title by jumping 6.24 meters at her fifth attempt. That was not yet close to the Dutch record (6.78 metres) that has been in the name of Dafne Schippers since 2014.

For the men, the gold went to 18-year-old talent Antonny Ediagbonya, who defeated defending champion Fabian Florant. Ediagbonya, last year good for bronze, jumped 7.38 meters. That was 0.03 centimeters further than Florant, who took the silver with 7.35 meters.

Florant did prolong his national title in hink-step jumping. The 37-year-old athlete scored 14.94 meters at his first attempt and that was enough for the gold medal.

Also gold for Comenentia and Coal Bunny

Denzel Comenentia conquered the Dutch title by bullet-slinging. The 24-year-old athlete swung the bullet in his first attempt to 70.53 meters and that was more than enough for the win. All his other attempts also failed.

It was almost eight metres further than the silver attempt (62.82 metres) by Dennis Hemelaar.

Cover wins discus throw

Corinne Nugter was missing from the women’s defending champion because she has not yet recovered sufficiently from elbow surgery. Jorinde van Klinken, who came second last year, now captured the national title with a throw of 56.54 meters.