‘Dutch badly injured in jeep safari in Portugal, French woman deceased’

In an accident during a jeep safari in the Portuguese Algarve, three Dutch people were injured, two of whom are seriously, write Portuguese media. A French woman about 30 years old died in the accident. Due to unknown cause, the jeep ended up in a ravine near the town of Alte.

A total of seven occupants were injured, five of whom were seriously injured. Portuguese media reports that it is a Dutch woman of 46 years old, a ten-year-old Dutch child, a German girl and a French boy, both 15 years old, and a French man of 41.

The two lightly injured are a Dutch man and the Portuguese director of the jeep.

The accident took place in a hard to reach area on Friday afternoon, according to the Portuguese media. The victims had to be taken out of the area on foot. The operation involved 59 emergency workers and a helicopter.